Commercial Processes

Algarid magnetic water stabilizers control slime growth and scale. Save on processing maintenance by controlling growth of slime-forming organisms in wash tanks, pipelines, filters, spray nozzles, etc.

Slime growth commonly referred to as algae, is frequently the cause of stains and marks on process film, paper and other materials as well as equipment blockages and mechanical problems. Until recently the only methods available for combating slime growth involved regular dumping of wash water and cleaning tanks and racks, chemical dosing or costly electrostatic devices.

Algarid magnetic water stabilizers provide a novel and inexpensive method for controlling the bacteria and algae that produce slime growths.

Nothing is added or removed in the Algarid process. Instead, subtle chemical changes are brought about in the water that make conditions unsuitable for multiplication of microscopic slime forming organisms which could otherwise thrive on nutrients carried over the processing chemistry. Any deposits that do form are more easily removed than in untreated systems.

Algarid magnetic water stabilizers are is use in photography and graphic art studios, processing labs of all sizes, x-ray departments and printing houses throughout Australia and also in the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries.