On the Farm

Rural Applications

Algarid has helped many clients improve water purity, clarity, softness and quality.

Algarid treatment has also proved effective in reducing bacterial counts in water supplies for households and dairies, and has allowed the use of bore water to be extended. Slime growth (and the resultant blockages etc.) can be checked in most kinds of equipment, for example; irrigation equipment in the field or in greenhouses, hydroponics installations, heat exchangers, control valves etc.

Striking results have been obtained by users in areas where problems are caused by high levels of iron in the water. Farmers report the elimination of iron staining on farm equipment (eg. In dairies), in domestic fixtures (eg. toilet pans & baths), and in washed linen and clothing after fitting an Algarid unit to their water supply.

Mineralized water is said to taste ‘sweeter’ after treatment and, in at least one case, cattle have been observed to drink treated water more readily than untreated water, a result which has apparently led to increased milk yield.