Plumbing Applications

Algarid has helped many clients improve water purity, clarity, softness and quality.

Algarid has lowered client costs for water contamination, maintenance and chemical treatment and also extended machinery and equipment life.

Algarid protects pipe-work, valves, filters and fittings on water supply systems by inhibiting scaling, slime and algae growth.

To understand the effect on algae, bacteria and fungi, these microorganisms require food and a balanced diet the same as humans. All living organisms require at least 14 essential nutrients (some biologists claim 23) such as nitrogen, phosphorus, manganese, boron etc. If any of these essential nutrients are missing from their diet, through trace element deficiency they certainly will not multiply and will most likely die. The magnetic field in the Algarid acts as a catalyst combining one or more of the essential nutrients into a molecule, which cannot be assimilated by the organism, effectively creating a trace element deficiency.

Magnetic water treatment, apart from inhibiting algal and bacterial growth also reduces scaling and promotes sedimentation. The magnetic technology is a result of the physics of interaction between a magnetic field and a moving electric charge, in this case in the form of an ion. When ions pass through the magnetic field, a force is exerted on each ion. The forces on ions of opposite charges are in opposite directions. The redirection of the particles tends to increase the frequency with which ions of opposite charge collide and combine to form a mineral precipitate, or insoluble compound. The scale formed is non-adherent. At the prevailing temperature conditions, this form is preferred over the adherent form, which attaches to heat exchange surfaces.

The “Algarid Magnetic Water Stabilizer” is easily installed in any water supply with NO running costs NO electricity and NO maintenance required.