Pools & Ponds

Crystal clear water in pools, ponds and fountains with Algarid magnetic water stabilizers.

Algarid magnetic water stabilizers have now been in use for more than two decades as an aid in swimming pool management in many parts of the world. The main benefits of this treatment are greatly reduced demand for biocides (eg. Chlorine), improved swimmer comfort and more efficient filtration leading to clearer water and greatly extended filter cycles. A typical installation involves the straight forward fitting of an Algarid unit in the pool filter circuit, and as the units themselves entail no running costs so the treatment results in substantial long-term savings.
Algarids have been marketed for more than thirty years and in excess of 40,000 units are currently in use for the control of algae and bacteria, not only in domestic and commercial swimming pools but also in water features (ponds, waterfalls, tanks etc.), photographic processors, cooling towers in air-conditioning and other plant, and town, institutional, industrial and domestic water supplies located in many parts of the world, including Australasia, Japan, South-east Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.