Magnetic Water Treatment can solve water related problems

With the current dry conditions in our area, it is a good time to look to our water and ways by which we can improve both the quality and extend the usage of our existing supplies.

The writer has found from his own experience and research, information which is not only of great interest, but can be of even greater benefit to those suffering problems with this vital commodity.

The idea of magnetic water treatment is not new, as an Englishman, William Benedict Bull, took out a patent for preventing and removing scale (calcium) deposits in 1890.

However, it was not until the 1960s that a Melbourne engineer named Bob Rigby found magnetic water treatment also had dramatic effects on algae, bacteria and fungi, controlling growth and multiplication.

After much research and testing a new unit was designed, using the most modern techniques, and this unit was named an "Algarid Magnetic Water Stabilizer."

The unit has been so successful it has won Federal and State awards for the product and has patents in Australia, the USA, South Africa, Japan, The Philippines, Great Britain and New Zealand and exports products and technology to these countries as well as Germany, Israel, Botswana and other countries.