Testimonial 2

Attention Mr. Rigby:

            We are pleased to record our satisfation with the Algarid unit purchased from you and fitted to an air conditioning cooling tower at Boral House, Hawthorn.

The Tower is regularly maintained by the service division and forms part of the computer air conditioning system for Albion Reid Pty. Ltd. The plant has not been fitted with chemical dosing equipment and when we began service algae growth in the condenser water was prolific. The cost of installing and maintaining a chemical dosing system in a small tower (up to 20 ton) is out of porportion to the value of the total service so this prompted a trial run of the Algarid.

After sixteen weeks of operation the tower has not been changed other than normal evaporation and bleed losses. The water is crystal clear with no sign of algae growth and almost no sediment build up in the pan. It appears at this stage that your unit will maintain control on a condenser system and on this project the Algarid will remain a permanent part of the system.

Yours Faithfully,                
Gardner & Naylor Pty. Ltd.  

J. C. Morris
Service Supervisor